Ideals of a Sir Knight

"All members must support and promote the Protestant religion. All must support and defend her present Majesty the Queen, her heirs and successors being Protestant. All must conduct themselves as loyal subjects of the constitution of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. All must at all times uphold the honour of Brother Sir Knights, and all must conduct themselves with honour and soberity".

By adhering to these basis tenants all members of the Royal Black Institution create a organisation which prides itself in its Protestantism, its loyalty, its sense of Brotherhood and its good works. Each member is an ambassador for these guiding principles which embodied good Christian values and Public Witness.

A Sir Knight should at all times:-

Be true and faithful to the Order at all times

Spread the Gospel of His Christian Knighthood

Uphold the honour and virtue of every Sir Knight

Assist those who are less fortunate than himself

Support his Preceptory and elected Officers

Live up to the high principles of the Order

Be faithful to God, Church, Queen and the Commonwealth