Imperial Grand Black Chapter of the British Commonwealth

The Grand Black Chapter of Ireland was established in 1797, two years after the Battle of the Diamond, which had led to the formation of the Orange Order. During this period there was a great threat to Protestantism. While the Institution has a strong religious foundation, firmly based on the teachings of the Holy Bible, its members have no illusions about the gulf that exists between Protestant and Roman Catholic doctrines and opinions – a gulf that continues to dominate political and religious life in Northern Ireland to this day.

The Royal Black Institution was formed in September 1797. This Order of Christian Knighthood evolved from earlier Orders of Chivalry which flourished in the times of the Crusades and in early Reformation days.

Since its inception the Institution has spread to and developed in Scotland, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, Ghana and Togo in West Africa.

The tiered structure of the Institution has as its foundation the local Preceptory (lodge). This unit elects officers who represent their membership at the next tier, namely a District Chapter. The District Chapter Officers form a County or Provincial Grand Chapter. The officers of these units constitute the membership of the governing body know as the Imperial Grand Council. This Council is recognised by all members of the Imperial Black Commonwealth; which is the Title of Institution; as being the supreme authority with the Sovereign Grand Master as the head of this International organisation.

The administrative offices are located at Brownlow House, Lurgan, County Armagh.

The aims and objectives of the Royal Black Institution are solely based on Christian teaching as found in Holy Scripture and on the principles of the Reformation and is therefore non-political. The members are encouraged to study the Scriptures and to participate fully in the life and witness of the Christian Church. They are also encouraged to act charitably and to be good citizens of their respective countries.

Unfortunately, early records are scant. The earliest printed records we know of at present where written by Sir Knt Edward Rogers in November 25th 1857. Sir Knt Edward Rogers was the Grand Registrar in County Armagh when the Grand Black Chapter met in Carleton Street Orange Hall on the 14th September 1846. Since then there are printed reports available, which give a valuable insight into the progress of the Institution. On 14th September 1846 the Grand Black Chapter held a meeting in Portadown. The meeting brought about the reconstitution of the Grand Black Chapter. This was to bring new life and vitality to the Institution leading to its development throughout the Empire. As a result the name was changed to the more embracing title of “The Imperial Grand Black Chapter of the British Commonwealth.” Click here to read the History of the Royal Black Institution

Introduction by Sir Knight Robert Wallace Worshipful District Master of Portadown Royal Black District Chapter No 5.

You are most welcome to our District Web site, which we hope you will find most interesting.The purpose of this Web site is as follows :-

1 - To spread the message of Jesus Christ Crucified, and Risen again for the Salvation of all mankind.

2 - To promote the (The Mission Statement of the Royal Black Institution) and the (Ideals of a Sir Knight) as stated forthwith.

3 - To promote the Charitable outreach of the Royal Black Institution in general and this District Chapter in particular.

4 - To research the history of this District Chapter and it’s Preceptories.

5 - Provide pictures and items of interest in Royal Black matters.

6 - Facilitate links to other Loyal Order web-sites other Royal

7 - Include other items of scriptural interest.

Right - WDM Sir Knt Robert Wallace, (fourth from RHS) and all of the principle District Officers within Portadown Royal Black District Chapter No. 5

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N.B. Portadown, Co, Armagh, is situated beside the river Bann, quite central in Northern Ireland, which is an integral part of Great Britain, it is often referred as the Hub of the North. It is inhabited in the main, by a kind and generous people, who are renowned for their Hospitality.

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Sir Knt Robert Wallace - Worshipful District Master

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